What’s Your Orasi (OR – rah – see)?

Leaders’ visions of their community’s future drive the decisions and actions that shape its fate. The Greeks called this vision ORASI. We call it a small word that means a big opportunity.

It’s easy to see things the way that you want them to be.  But turning vision into reality takes a lot more than wishes and good intentions. It takes the time, commitment and resources to define your vision, and the professional expertise to efficiently and cost-effectively transform your dreams into successful results.

Orasi is where the process starts.

We are a full-service economic development firm that offers municipalities, economic development corporations and nonprofit organizations the expertise to strategically plan, finance and create their future, and the hands-on management and marketing skills to carry those plans from the drawing board to the deal-signing.

Our philosophy and process are straightforward: Create realistic economic development plans; Develop the financial strategies and programs that meet market needs; And Partner with private sector companies that want to share the risk and reward of making it happen.

Isn’t making it happen what you want your economic development experts to do?

Contact us today to see how Orasi can make it happen for you.


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